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We are a group of therapists working here at Selby Wellness Clinic with a diverse range of therapies to provide physical and emotional well-being and an enhanced quality of life. We believe that the best way to optimum health is to approach ailments and issues directly with intelligence, resourcefulness and skill. As a clinic, we aim to provide the best service possible for all our clients and happily refer to each other to reach the best result for our clients.

About Us

Stephanie O’Grady B.Ost (Osteopath)

Since graduation Steph has enjoyed adapting her skills, treating a wide range of injuries and dysfunction. Her specialities include treating sports injuries, addressing postural issues and managing pregnancy-related problems in mothers before and after birth.

Neil is a Hypnotherapist and uses hypnotic and Psychological techniques to help people reach their goals. Such as Weight Control, Smoking Cessation, Confidence, Anxiety, Phobias plus much more..

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Alison Walker  (Pilate’s Specialist)

Alison is the Modern Pilates Teacher within the Selby WelIness Clinic. She works with her colleagues to constantly apply fresh knowledge and skills to educate and help her clients to move more easily.

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Alan Reed M.Ost (Osteopath)

Alan graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Masters Degree of Osteopathy. His interests are sporting injuries, biomechanics and postural complaints.

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Victoria Allan Dyp.Hyp  (Hypnotherapist)

Victoria is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and developmental psychologist. She helps individuals rediscover and apply power of their minds to improve quality of their lives.

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Neil Woods Dyp.Hyp  (Hypnotherapist)

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Emma Hughes PG Dip  (Counsellor)

The way Emma works draws on her training in a range of therapeutic approaches, allowing her to work in a way that is most appropriate and beneficial to each individual client.

Matt Ratcliffe BA hons, Dip  (Counsellor)

Matt is a BACP Registered counsellor with experience of working with clients to address a wide range of issues. He uses an Integrative model, which integrates Humanistic, Gestalt, CBT and Psychodynamic therapies.

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Amanda Cox     (Clinic Administrator)

Amanda Keeps the clinic running smooth. With over 20 years of experience of customer care, you can be sure she will be able to help you with your clinic needs.

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Stacy Pierpoint  (Reiki Practitioner)

Soothing and calming, allows the mind & body to rejuvenate, reduces pain, assists recovery from illness / injury.

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Natasha Sinclair (Life Coach)

Natasha works with clients in terms of improving their verbal and nonverbal communication skills through Coaching, creating confidence in presentation skills, improving self-esteem and confidence building.

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